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19 ม.ค. 2566

Report on the Result of the Propose the Meeting Agenda and Nominate Candidates for Directorship for the 2023 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in Advance

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Precision Machining Plant

Precision Machining Plant a high-precision part manufacturer which produces engine parts, transmission parts and final drive parts such as Camshaft, Common Rail, Gear and Shaft.

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Die Casting & Machining Plant

Die Casting & Machining Plant a die casting manufacturer with expertise in casting aluminum equipped with die casting machine as large as 2,500 tons. The Company makes Engine Crank Case, Engine Oil Pan, Engine Cover and Case Housing.

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Forging Plant

Forging Plant a steel forger for auto parts, specialized in making high-strength steel with machine as large as 6,000 tons. Its products are Crank Shaft, common Rail, Knuckle and Balance Shaft.

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