“The Manufacturer of Choice for Customers with World Class Quality”

P.C.S. Machine Group Holding is dedicated to provide highest satisfaction to customers,
establishing a foundation of trust, confidence, and a lasting relationship with all clients.
The business provides world class products and impressive services for customers.


For Business Excellence according to the Company’s Vision,
the Company has the following mission statements that incorporate the best interest of stakeholders:


remium Quality for Customer Ensure excellent quality in all business processes form production to delivery and maximizing customer satisfaction.


orporate Governance for Social Implement Good Corporate Governance of international standards to foster sustainable growth and serve communities and the social.


hareholders Benefits for Shareholder Stimulate business development and support improvements that continuously reduce costs, leading to consistent returns to shareholders.


lobal Supply for Growing with Business Partner Create trust for business partners by serving as a reliable production and supply base for local and international clients, leading to sustainable growth for all parties.


appy Workplace for Satisfy Employee Foster a healthy workplace environment characterized by continuous employee development and exceptional work-life balance.

Corporate Culture


SYCH - PCSGH Believe in our own ability and work with the overcoming obstacles perfectly.


reativity Using the power of our creativities to discover and invent the new innovations all the time.


ynergy Volunteer and collaboration as teamwork. Having participate and attend into all works and activities both of internal and external institute.